Season 3: The Usual Suspects

Napoleon Doom

Napoleon Doom

The less than charismatic host of The U Mind Podcast. Brainy, but so severly lacking in the social graces that few are likely to notice. It remains a mystery as to why Napoleon decided that podcasting would be a good career choice. Of course, no one ever said you had to limit your interviews to humans. 

Napoleon is voiced by Napoleon Doom, the writer, illustrator and editor of Creeping Wave Radio and The U Mind Podcast, as well as the author and illustrator of the Lost Bread Graphic Novel Series.

Mr Scratch


He has many names, and quite a nasty reputation, which may have been a tad exaggerated. Mr. Scratch works in soul acquisitions out of his subterranean office, conveniently located in Hell... and he's grown rather tired of the position.

 Mr Scratch is voiced by Weirdsley, who lives up to his name. The poor man has been doused headlong into creative projects such as this, since he foolishly decided to marry  Napoleon Doom in October of 2013.

Margo Scratch


Mr Scratch's far more devious daughter. She's half human and ready to see what the mortal world has to offer, and woe be to any who would stand in her way. She is currently the unofficial girlfriend of Napoleon Doom, but don't tell her father, he wouldn't approve! 

Margo is voiced by the talented Margo Mcgrath, a local San Diego Musician, whose music is regularly featured on Creeping Wave Radio. 

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The Monster Boys


They might look like Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre and Vincent Price, but don't let your eyes deceive you. In reality, these are Napoleon's former co-hosts, Adam and Jestin, along with an unfortunate circus freak, who became the victims of Napoleon's dabbling in the supernatural and fondness for the movie The Raven.

 They are voiced by the performance powerhouse Travis Rhett Wilson, a Southern, CA based stage and independent film actor who lends his voice to many other characters throughout the series. We couldn't do it without him!

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Dorcas Morlock


An inexplicably immortal woman, of 104 years old. Her youth has been miraculously restored by parties looking to reopen old wounds. She knows things that most would just as soon stay buried. 

She is voiced by Anna Zinova of Pinkeye, a local San Diego Band you can hear on season 3 of Creeping Wave Radio. 

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Bob & Walter: The Finland Deniers


These cantankerous old gents spout wild conspiracy theories, but do they know more than they're letting on? 

Bob is voiced by Travis Rhett Wilson and Walter is voiced by Luc Hollywood, film maker and highly creative media artist, whose work can be found on his YouTube channel, linked below. 

Nuke Hollywood

Season 3: Suspicious Characters

Ian Morlock


A figure of mystery from Napoleon's past. He is voiced by Nick The Rat of The Nick The Rat Podcast!

Catch That Rat!

JoJo The Dogfaced Boy


The henchman to our season's main villian, but he's not bad at heart. Voiced by Brett Daguio

Steph the Orderly


An orderly at Dwindling Palms Retirement Home for aging actors who's suspiciously perky. She has very specific musical tastes and is voiced by Stephanie Agnes of The Legion of Ridiculous Conversations Podcast.

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Rocco The Orderly


Sure, he's gruff and surly, but is it all an act? When the chips are down, can Rocco be depended upon or will he look out for number one? Voiced by Anthony Silva of The Legion of Ridiculous Conversations Podcast.

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An ex-soviet vampire (ex soviet, still a vampire) who has helped usher Napoleon's development along. Does he have ulterior motives or is he really the benevolent mentor he seems. Voiced by Travis Mcgee.

Travis Mcgee

Dr. Dmitri Kosorotov


A former guest on Dr. Kosorotov seems to have been keeping tabs on Napoleon all this time. He is voiced by Travis Rhett Wilson.

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Season 3: Musical Guests



A rollicking folk punk/freak folk explosion! Every song is a surprise, with passionate vocals by Anna Zinova, the voice of Creeping Wave's Dorcas Morlock.

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Margo Mcgrath


With heartfelt, soulful vocals that meld the worlds of jazz, folk and Broadway, and vibrant guitarwork Margo Mcgrath's music is truly inspiring.

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Well, Well, Well


Well, Well, Well bills themselves as "easy listening for uneasy people." With inventive instrumentation and nods to early electronic music, progressive rock, new wave, Well, Well, Well offers an exquisite bouquet of sound.

Well, Well, Well

Dumb Blonde Rapper


A lady rapper with a dirty south vibe, Dumb Blonde's songs are lyrical stories of female empowerment and rising against the odds.

Dumb Blonde Rapper

The Heartbeat Trail


Creeping Wave was honored to have The Heartbeat Trail as a musical guest on Season 2, and doubly delighted to be bringing them back to provide score for the first premiere episode of Season 3!

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Popcrow is an architect of soundscapes. We were so thrilled to have him onboard as a musical guest for Season 2, and now welcome him back to compose score and lend his voice to various characters in the Creeping Wave Universe. In addition to being a soundsmith, Popcrow aka Alex Campbell Stein is a gifted thespian, who you may have seen in various television and film projects.

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